We are proud to announce that The Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Café is now a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. This means we can make our work even better with your support and give back to our community in bigger ways.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an incubator for our community: a safe space that cultivates vulnerability, humanity, and playfulness; where failure is embraced as a necessary step in the process of creation. We provide a creative platform (through workshops, classes, and shows) for all members of our community; regardless of socioeconomic background, gender, or race.

Our Vision

Our Vision is focused on process over product. We foster artistic freedom and enable a culture removed from the pressures of the entertainment industry. This process allows for the creation of high quality works of art that can go on to reach a wider audience around the country and the world.

In order to fulfill our mission and vision, we depend on the charitable donations of our community and beyond. Make a tax-deductible, charitable donation today or join one of our membership offerings.

What Your Support Provides

With your support we can provide scholarships for classes, free events for the community and a space to create.

We are currently also seeking donations for the following projects and also accept in-kind donations for the following. Please contact for more information.

  • Theatre Curtains – $1200
  • Theatre Risers – $700
  • Ticket Booth
  • Theatre chairs – $350
  • Air Conditioning
  • AV Equipment
  • Kids’ Classes
  • Free events for the community