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The Pleasure Project

Written & Performed by Ava Bogle

The world is ending and humanity is doomed. President Pussygrabber and Supreme Leader Lil Kim have come to blows and nuclear annihilation is nigh. Five aliens living amongst us as human women pose the very serious question: Can the clitoris save humanity?

 The Pleasure Project is a sci-fi comedy show, a celebration of female sexual empowerment, an “eye-opening exploration of just how important this beautiful, tiny creation really is.” - The Adelaidian 

 “Hilarious. Be prepared to learn and enjoy an empowering show on the beauty and power of the female body. If you have a partner, take them along and they’ll definitely learn a thing or two—you’re welcome in advance.” 

– The Advertiser

 “Very funny stuff. This is unashamedly ‘edgy’ comedy, the kind that Americans are extremely good at, and Bogle proves that she is one of the best. This something a little different, that works no matter one’s sex.” – Glam Adelaide 

“Funny, engaging, informative and empowering, The Pleasure Project is a performance you will leave feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to change the world. Bogle tackles controversial issues such as sex, feminism, religion, spirituality and politics with revolutionary candor and style.” – Ms. Magazine