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Midnight Movie
The Midnight Movie Film Club is excited to bring a night of experimental films and internet oddities to The Lyric Hyperion!

Midnight Movie was founded in March 2018 as an experiment towards capturing the spontaneity and mystery of attending an underground film in its heyday. Now on its 11th screening, Midnight Movie screens trash films that explore internet aesthetics and nostalgic imagery with DIY filmmaking approaches. The lineup is a mystery until projected, and all participants are under the radar.

Come early for “live music” and the Preshow, a collection of videos from the internet compiled for your entertainment.

It’s like getting sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole, but without being able to control what you click.

Lovers of trips, throwbacks, and transgressive film will find a home at Midnight Movie.

Midnight Movie is also accepting submissions until March 20th. There are no rules. Anything can be a Midnight Movie: a short film with a big budget, or a movie you made in middle school. There's only one condition: you must accept membership into the Midnight Movie Club.

If interested or with questions, reach out to or on Instagram at @itsmidnightmovie

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