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The Mother**ker With The Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis

TWO SHOWS ONLY! 9/15 @ 8pm, 9/16 @ 7pm

Tickets ($25-30):

"Stephen Adly Guirgis is our new reigning poet of the obscene. He's a master when it comes to creating troubled New Yorkers whose uninhibited talking jags reveal far more about them than they ever intended; more than any other contemporary playwright, his dialogue crackles with profane comedy that, no matter how stylized, seems absolutely true of his characters. Focusing on the challenges of recovery from addiction and what he sees as a fundamental disconnect between men and women, Guirgis spins a comic tragedy out of a situation that would almost certainly be described by one of his characters as totally f-ked up." 
- Lighting and Sound America. 

"Guirgis, a brilliant comedic talent also has an original and knowing take on class, particularly as it plays out among the bottom-of-the-barrel working-class poor, who are virtually invisible to the wealthier men and women around them. Guirgis' characters are strivers who lack the language to 'pass' in a white-collar world; they're frustrated by limitations that they're only half aware of, and that frustration provides much of the painful hilarity in their dialogue, which piles miscommunication on top of misunderstanding."
- New Yorker. 

"It's tight, smart and splendidly well-made, a tough-minded, unromantically romantic comedy that keeps you laughing, then sends you home thinking."
- Wall Street Journal.

"Funny indeed, not to mention surprising, disturbing and poignantly dark, a deeply rich comedy.  By not putting characters or their dilemmas in neat boxes, Guirgis gives us, in HAT, a slice of hard life that's as provocative as it is absorbing."
- USA Today.

Obviously, adult language, sexual situations & adult themes.

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