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Vanessa Goes by Ashley

Vanessa Goes by ASHLEY is a ONE NIGHT ONLY performance concieved by Vanessa Vazquez.

Tickets ($10):

It is her art manifesto brought life! Co-starring Helen Udy and John Wyatt, with live piano accompaniment but Micah Wright. It's a perofmance of Shakespeare, Song, Viewpoints, family ties, comedy, Idiot, and a generous wine + cheese FREE PAIRING in a post-show reception.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be cat inside the theater space!! Her name is Diane and she's hypoallergenic. We kindly ask that no dogs be brought into the space at any time before, during, or after the performance. Thank you!

Vanessa has been a perfoming artist with an emphasis on Viewponts and song since she was 11. She holds a degree from UC Santa Cruz and you have seen her in commercials for Google, Bose, Farmville, and more. She has attended comedy schools like The Groundlings, The Idiot Workshoppe, and was on a long-form impov team for many years. Vanessa works at Trader Joe's and has been an vegetarian since birth.

Come witness a show that has been in the making for 17 years for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

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