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Legend of the Safest Space

Katelyn and Caitlin have heard whispers of a space so safe that it seemed untrue. They searched everywhere: under floorboards, in the comments section of YouTube, at the bottom of 1,000 cups of coffee, ONLY TO FIND that things are NOT safe. But now! They have a map, and are like...pretty sure where to go?? They have a very bad sense of direction, BUT a willing spirit! Follow these two similarly named women into the depths of the jungle, where they attempt to locate, the LEGEND OF THE SAFEST SPACE. 

Tickets ($5):


Directed by Amritha Kaur
Starring, a Caitlin with a C and a Katelyn with a K.
Photos by Claire Woolcott

Coming soon to a theater near you!... if you're near The Lyric Hyperion.