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We're doing it again! In celebration of the seventh anniversary of me gettin consensually freaking plowed/having my first allergic reaction to latex rubber, I invite you to a noxious act of self-mythologizing in the form of a play I wrote starring me and a My Size Barbie and also my hamster, hosted by the man I lost my virginity to.

If you saw the first run of I Lost My Virginity on August 15 2010,thank you! This time is completely reworked to be even louder and messier and better. Here's the deal: there are twenty different ways to see me lose my virginity to a doll that range from visceral to cartoons to calling my parents to playing the oboe to punching through a hymen magnified by 300, and we're going to cram as many as the audience can handle into 70 minutes. We'll never get through them all, and you'll never see the same show twice. It'll be silly and dumb and a workshop show, so your attendance and feedback is highly valued <3

Things you can expect from "I LOST MY VIRGINITY ON AUGUST 15 2010":

a lot of hot tips I learned from the book "How to Put On Your One Woman Show," videos of my parents describing the time my whole family caught me trying to lose my virginity and ruining it, a short testimonial from my deeply disturbed high school oboe teacher, many references to my favorite one-person show "Jimmy Titanic," free zines, my mom ranking every person I've ever made out with on a scale of whether she too would make out with them, new cartoons from me Jamie and my high school boyfriend Steven the Navy Guy presiding over the night's events.

It will be FUN AND HORNY and don't sit in the splash zone if you're not prepared.

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