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Cheers The Show: The Show

Cheers is the best sitcom of all time. That’s why Brian McGovern created Cheers The Show: The Show.

Tickets ($8):

CTS:TS is a bunch of new Cheers scenes written and performed by a bunch of funny people. Each one serving as the first scene of an imagined episode, these cold opens will be performed one after another after another. It’s a weird Groundhog Day nightmare that is also FUNNY!!!

The original cold opens vary between heartfelt homages and obscene satire. They are filled with talking mops, deadly viruses, and pretentious literary references. The only rules given to writers were that the scenes must include the characters of Cheers and take place in the bar.

It’s a celebration of one of the most classic of classic sitcoms while also being a total dismantling of the format itself. And did we mention it’s FUNNY!?!?!


Dan Torson as Sam Malone

Katy Fullan as Diane Chambers

John O’Toole as Norm

Genetra Tull as Cliff

Lauren Knutti as Carla

Elizabeth Schantz as Coach

Jackie Durruthy as Dr. Frasier Crane

Lee Barats as Woody

with: Ryan Coil, Caitlin Linden, and Danielle Byas

With Original Scenes written by:

Charlie McCrackin

Sarah Hatheway

George McAuliffe

Camille Campbell

Lily Sullivan

Kyle Chorpening

Mandi Bossard

Cooper Sukaly

AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created and Directed by Brian Rodriguez-McGovern

Poster by Branson Reese

Later Event: October 29