Lyric Hyperion Short Film Festival


Welcome to the submission page for the first ever Lyric Hyperion International Short Film Festival! The Lyric Hyperion Theater is run by artists for artists. Over the years our theater has screened an impressive array of projects, from the experimentally absurd to industry darlings, but the one connective thread to the material and energy of these events is that there is a magic when watching a great program at this most vital theater nestled into the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The Lyric Hyperion Short Film Festival will happen on September 1, 2018 and is intended to be a full day and night of your screened movies carrying on the tradition of excellence and inanity happening at this remarkable performer driven venue. Produced by Philip "Dr. Brown" Burgers & Joshua Turek, the day and night of the festival will be fun-filled energy that will culminate in a party for filmmakers, festival goers, volunteers, and friends.

For the submitting filmmaker we are excited to review your submission in hopes that there is a place for it in our programming for this year. Our goal for the festival is that it becomes a platform for filmmakers to show and share their consummated visions with each other and our audiences in an environment that breathes new life into their experience of the work and helps nurture and catalyze the individual and collective spirit of creating things.

We appreciate your submissions and look forward to reviewing your short films!



The submission FAQS and rules will be as follows:

-Short films to qualify will have to be 30 minutes or less (give or take a minute or two)

-Submission deadline is August 1st, 2018

-Filmmakers will be notified of their submission status by August 15, 2018 at the latest and likely before that date with an earlier priority for out of state and out of country submissions. We will do our best to give as much time to notify our filmmakers to plan accordingly should their work be accepted into the festival.

-Accepts submissions in any genre though the taste is toward comedy, mining the absurd, or even dark matter with a comedic rhythm, however those notes are only a guideline and all work of any genre will be given its fair due so long as the message of the project is NOT discriminatory and the story IS captivating to the purely subjective tastes of the festival.

-Submissions do NOT have to be premieres, previously screened is totally ok. That said, we would be honored to premiere shorts and it is a nice red bow to the submission

-Accepts submissions in any language

-Accepts submissions from any and all countries

-Accepts all content, lo-fi, digitial, film, hd, so long as it can be on a computer

-Must be able to be delivered or make downloadable to the theater in Quicktime prior to screening

-Submission fee is $10 per project via venmo or paypal to @lyrichyperion (include the name of the project in the description). No monetary refunds will be given once submitted but please feel free to notify if submission status has changed. Entries will only be reviewed once payment is received.

-No updates to submission once submitted