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Clowning with Dr. Brown-ing

Dr. Brown (aka Philip Burgers) learned about comedy and being stupid at the Ecole Philippe Gualier.

He did lots of shows around the world, some of which did very well according to certain judges. Judges suck, so what does that really matter. He also has been teaching around the world for the past 6 years. 

Come learn how not to take your self so seriously, be stupid and relatively free, and have fun with an audience. Note - this sounds fun and easy, but the workshop is actually very difficult - seriously. I (Dr. Brown/Philip Burgers) am often NOT nice and some people don't like this approach, but if you can handle admitting that what you just did on stage was horrible and nobody really laughed, then perhaps you'll get something out of this class. Ultimately, I'll hopefully help you learn to be open and vulnerable in front of a group of strangers and then make them piss themselves by showing them how stupid you (and only you) can be.  

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Gourmet Espresso Basics

Learn how to brew the perfect cup with Paul of Espresso Obsesso. 

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Yoga (all levels)

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