The Improv Workout: With Jet Eveleth

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Jet Eveleth performs with The Reckoning and in the show “Adsit & Eveleth”. She was recently a clown in the show Absinthe, called the greatest show in Vegas history by Las Vegas Weekly. The Huffington Post described the show as "Risqué, dangerous and mind-altering... It is poetic, beautiful, inspiring and insulting. The greatest show on earth." Jet toured Europe performing and teaching physical theater with The Second City and the US Embassy. She was faculty at Columbia College, The Second City Conservatory Program, and was the former artistic director of the Chicago Improv Festival.


Date: August 23, 12pm - 3:00pm

Price: $25

Location: The Lyric Hyperion Theatre

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About the workshop:

The Improv Workout

Feel stuck in your head? This workshop explores improvisation with a focus on physicality, being present, and letting go of the inner judge. You will use techniques that blend the curiously of clown with the scenic structure of long-form. Jet will lead you into organic devices that invite you to dream and to play. 

"One of the best  teachers on this planet! She encourages you to be bold and wild, to go beyond your fears, to dive into the unknown, and to embrace and love the experience, and to be present, to really be in the moment. Not only when improvising but in life." -Heike Reissig

Clowning with Dr-Browning

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Dr. Brown (aka Philip Burgers) learned about comedy and being stupid at the Ecole Philippe Gualier. He did lots of shows around the world, some of which did very well according to certain judges. Judges suck, so what does that really matter. He also has been teaching around the world for the past 6 years. 

Come learn how not to take your self so seriously, be stupid and relatively free, and have fun with an audience. Note - this sounds fun and easy, but the workshop is actually very difficult - seriously. I (Dr. Brown/Philip Burgers) am often NOT nice and some people don't like this approach, but if you can handle admitting that what you just did on stage was horrible and nobody really laughed, then perhaps you'll get something out of this class. Ultimately, I'll hopefully help you learn to be open and vulnerable in front of a group of strangers and then make them piss themselves by showing them how stupid you (and only you) can be.