The Innocents

Join us for our latest Innocents clown show, presented in association with:

The Lyric-Hyperion Theatre & Cafe
2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027-4708

Performers from Blue Man Group, Spiegelworld, South Coast Repertory Theatre, Four Clowns, Wet the Hippo, UCB and iO will be putting up classic clown bits and characters for your enjoyment. Trying, failing, and falling apart before your very eyes!
There will be laughter.
There will be emotion.
There will be emotional laughter.
$5 suggested donation.
Every 1st Sunday of the month! Come early to grab dinner before, or stay after and have a drink with us!

The Innocents performing this month:
Julia Davis
Elizabeth Godley
Kevin Krieger
Seth Allison

Guest Performer:
Jake Kornely