The Tony Robbins Netflix Special Special

I recently watched the Tony Robbins Netflix documentary “I Am Not Your Guru.” Join me for an unforgettable hour personal growth. Are you ready to change again?
Margot Kistler
John Wyatt 
Joe Mitchell
Shawn Stoner
Ian Farley
Vanessa Vazquez

I constructed this fucking Tony Robbins guy- Tony Robbins

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Reviews are in for TRNSS:
I have been through multiple rounds of electro-shock therapy but this tonight truly blew my mind - Libby
I think this needs to be on a major network #lit- Flannery
There’s always room for improvement- Margot’s boyfriend

Transformation Testies for TRNSS:
Finally facing my fear of spiders- Cassidy
No more ice cream - Margot’s boyfriend again (sorry Margot)
Not killing self – Multiple!!