Soldati Party

Have you ever wanted to just get lit, but in public with some good vibes, good tunes and good peeps?  Have you been needing a good laugh lately?  Been awhile since your heart grew three sizes or your mind exploded?  Well come on over to the Lyric Hyperion Theater for an unforgettable experience of art, music and comedy.  Hosted by your very own Spirit Father the Soul Daddy himself, Michael Soldati


Charlsey Miller with tunes from her forthcoming LP "Cabriolet"


Big Expression!

The Magician Al Naz

My Polish cousin Don Waterski

Performance Art by Ric Retro

Harry Connick Sr.

Puppetry by Jared Ramirez


Dangerous D


Wet The Hippo Collective's THE MURGE

$5 @ the Door gets you in and a raffle ticket for one of these great prizes:

Charlsey Miller's forthcoming EP

Bottle of booze to drown your sorrows

Cake I will allow you to eat

A gift certificate to a place of business

Body work by a professional

Full on make out session in front of audience with the performer of your choice

The rest of Charlsey's candy...