Man in a Hole


"Man In A Hole" is a hybrid of storytelling, standup & even (gulp) some spoken word. Don't let that worry you though. I promise the spoken word will be terribly humiliating and awkward, the way it SHOULD BE!

I've been joking that this show is essentially a kind-of "A Night with David Crabb" but that just sounds too bougie, right?

The title comes from one of Kurt Vonnegut's famed narrative archetypes. "Man In A Hole" is the kind of "things can only get worse" tale that sees an audience laugh or cringe at the increasing failure & discomfort of their protagonist. So it's basically the kind of story that feels a lot like the second half of 2016 for most of us.

In a time in which we're all so desperately trying to minimize the horribleness of the world, I thought it would be fun to tell a collection of stories about making hilarious mountains out of unpleasant molehills. I really love telling these types of stories, in which maximum hilarity and tension are eeked out of small mundane situations: overflowing toilets, uncomfortable salon experiences, awkward massages... They were terrible in the moment, but they're hilarious now. And I'd love to describe each of them to you in their garish, Technicolor, impossible-to-unsee glory.


DAVID CRABB is a comedian, writer, teacher & storyteller in Los Angeles. He is a host of The Moth & has appeared on RISK! & NPR. His solo show BAD KID about growing up gay and goth in Texas was named a New York Times Critics' Pick. A memoir based on the show was released last year by Harper Perennial.

March 30
Open Mic
March 31
Story Poker